Joshua Hunter Davis
Monstrous cyborg creatures are my subjects. Constructed and evolving through the means of drawing, collage, painting, and sculpture, they possess an amalgamation of features from inorganic matter, plants, animals, and human built equipment. Exploration of medium yields broad variegated physicality. Works may be produced in a single media or through a concert of medias, and a piece’s physical presence may be small and seemingly passive or massive and rampant.

I have had the unique opportunity of growing up around both water treatment operations and the flora and fauna of South Florida. Those experiences were filtered through a fascination for the science fiction genre, and imparted with a dose of fearful imagination. The resulting mixture produced in me personal anxieties concerning the future of the human condition and the Earth’s natural systems.

A viewer encountering my work can appreciate aspects of my presentiment through the insight communicated by the works’ physical and at times visually disparate properties, ranging from the attractive and sensuous to the frenzied and grotesque. The culmination is a visual expression of the anxiety that rises from a fear of the potential for nightmarish consequences and the desire for a harmonic utopia. Either of which outcome could transpire as a result of our manipulation of the environment and technological advancements.